AdvenTure Onn..

Hello people!

                  This is gonna be my first post in this happy journey folks! I always wanted to turn my wanderlust into articles and posts, to share the experiences about my travel , to make many unfamiliar destinations familiar. I personally believe , travel is the only way where you could earn more than what you spend…. the wisdom,i meant!


Usually, my travel will not be a planned one. No Plan! No schedule! This is gonna be a A-Z travel , but i bet you are gonna enjoy the thrilling experiences along with me!  On the start off, i’ll be posting about the places on and around tamil nadu, and i believe i’ll upgrade myself on the run,as a regular blogger! I do prefer solo travelling rather than a group so that it doesn’t affect my passion and freedom towards the travel. The main aim of this blog is to provide the realistic picture on the journey , so i’ll include a lots of imageries to the articles. Hope you will enjoy the travel with this amateur!